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Monday, February 28  thru Thursday, March 9

Watch all Selected Films -(Bundle-One Ticket Price)

Monday, February 28 (8:00 PM -

Parts Together -(4 Minutes)- 8:00 PMThe Twisted Spruce World Ensemble started as a response to the pandemic, offering the opportunity for musicians to perform in an ensemble when it was impossible to do so. 2020 was an inclusive community project of 100 diverse guitarists whose recordings are set to animation by Chia-Hsin Lee (Taiwan)

Wake up-(5 Minutes)- 8:30 PMCELEBRATE THE GODDESS WITHINSOC FILMS PVT. LTD. celebrates the contribution of Women to Music through a unique song “Jaago Zara” performed by over a 100 prominent women singers, performers, musicians and lyricists across the world.

Cutstein -(11 Minutes)- 9:00 PMLife of an editor who works for Islamic Republic of IRAN Broadcasting and feels like Frankenstein, creating a monster. Imaging of all movie sequences have been done with a cell phone.

I see - (12 Minutes) -9:30 PMIt is a film with an existentialist tinge, it is about a young man who is going through an existential crisis caused by quarantine. Faced with an unexpected event of forced lockdown, memories and thoughts of the past are present under the shadow of chaos guiding him from darkness to light through meditations on Genesis of the world that allows him to create a poetic dialogue with the Word of God and discover his identity in Him.


Tuesday, March 1 (8:00 PM -
Synthesis (14 Minutes) -8:00 PM A poor family has a child with a disability,
Due to his inability to pay for medical expenses, the father and his brother decide to kill their child. The father tries to do his job at night, but the mother, who is suspected of his behavior, goes to the road with them.
On the way, the father sees his brother and tells him that he regrets his decision, but his brother humiliates him and makes him miserable and miserable. The brother goes after his brother.
In the morning, he takes care of the woman and puts her to sleep, and picks up the child and puts him on the sidewalk.
When she returns to her husband, she is confronted with the scene of her murder

Dying Light (7 Minutes)8:30 PM A Protest Video to support Black Lives Matter

Short life of Trouble (39 Minutes) 9:00 PM -In this film, we explore G.B. Grayson's life and tragic death and how his musical legacy lives on today. Grayson's most famous songs include: Tom Dooley, Train 45, Handsome Molly, Short Life of Trouble, Going down the Lee Highway, Omie Wise, Rose Conley, Banks of the Ohio, and Little Maggie.

Thursday, March 3 (8:00 PM -
Terror on the Rappahannock (21 Minutes) -8:00 PM This short psychological thriller, takes place on Halloween night, Sheriff Waller's least favorite holiday. Things get weird after he sells his family's old slave plantation land to a land developer. Unbeknownst to him, his children (Randy and Kizzy) and Randy's best friend (Alex) are going to the land to do research on the family's violent past with a particular slave.

Already Lat3 ( 5 Mintues 34 sec) - Deep in Asylum 34, RED (Jest A King) and BLUE (B-Stixx) find themselves on the receiving end of a lobotomy. Now, severed from their bodies, the minds of this colorful duo are free to wander.
Their first destination, Nothin's Grocer Variety Store, proves to be the setting for their first lesson in the real world when PURPLE (Hakase) chases Red and Blue into the streets for stealing food.

Gene project ep2 (31 Minutes) - Detective Lorenzo and Daniels find themselves going into the rabbit hole on this case. As bodies begin to add up, they find the FBI joining in. As Summers is closing in on the Genes, lose ends are being tied up on her end as well. Senator Brown has a new task that will shock the nation.

Saturday, March 5 (8:00 PM -

I want to study (7 Minutes) -8:00 PM This film is a small part of the thousands of villages in this country that do not have schools.
Many students in disadvantaged educational areas have to travel long distances to reach certain areas to connect to the Internet due to the lack of Internet antennas in their villages.
And despite the corona virus, they are forced to sit together in online classes.

54 Years Late (31 Minutes) 8:30 PM- “54 YEARS LATE” is a short film that tells the gut-wrenching true-life story of Terry Gene Wright, a 58-year-old African American man who was not diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) until the age of 54 despite being seen by an array of healthcare practitioners, enduring countless hospitalizations and surgeries, and having all the classic symptoms of CF - a progressive and genetic disease that’s often perceived to affect only the Caucasian population. Written and directed by Michele Wright, Ph.D.

Crumble (11 Minutes) -We enter the mind of a psychotic killer masquerading as a minister spreading the good news. Two law enforcement officers must deal with personal and professional strife to get on the trail.

Tuesday, March 8 (8:00 PM -

90 Days to leave (16 Minutes) 8:00 PM-This short documentary is about the expulsion of the Asian community from the East African nation of Uganda in 1972. The documentary tells not only of the racial hatred and military hostility that the Asians received from the Ugandan Africans but the difficulty of gaining their British visas, how others headed to America and Asian countries, and the further difficulties that awaited many of those who did get into Britain during the racially charged era of the 1970s, including political opposition to their arrival, discrimination, education, and employment.

Ruins (77 Minutes) 8:30 PM RUINS is the first pandemic related film that is told in the rebellious "TELL BUT DON'T SHOW" format. It is a futuristic story of six hospital employees told as found footage. Nine years after an infection that destroyed most of humanity, the survivors search among the debris to find clues of what really transpired. The excavation team finds a secure video package that tells the story of some of the staff in a hospital fighting the pandemic. The film portrays the trials and tribulations they face during complete chaos around them.

Thursday, March 10 (8:00 PM -

Junior (11 Minutes)   8:00 PM Gifted as a teenager, Jérôme “Junior” Simeon was recruited by top Haitian roots music group “Racine Mapou de Azor” and spent 20 years touring the world. When the lead singer of his band dies unexpectedly Junior’s high-profile career comes to a shocking halt and he suddenly faces an uncertain future for himself and his legacy.

Strong man Sad (15 Minutes) 8:30 PM- STRONGMAN SAD, a compilation of five animated music videos, is a very real cartoon of America’s first official strongman, who is, himself, a very real cartoon. Polar Levine, aka Polarity/1 created the animation and the music.

Lucid Dreams(14 Minutes) - Lucid dreaming is an altered state of consciousness in which a person is aware that he is dreaming, and can control its content to some extent. This is a kind of borderline state between REM sleep and wakefulness

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